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Since its opening in 2010, the Bugil Academy Global Leader Program (GLP) has differentiated itself as the preeminent program in South Korea for preparing students for western colleges and universities. With an experienced faculty guiding highly motivated and ambitious students through a rigorous AP-based, English-only curriculum, the GLP produces graduates that transition easily to the challenges of higher education.

Having witnessed the uniqueness of the program among peer institutions since joining the faculty shortly after its opening, I am proud and honored to currently serve as the program’s director leading a dedicated faculty that strives to partner with students and is continuously seeking improved ways to support student growth and development,

Students at the GLP are special. Perhaps this is because at no other place in Korea will they be surrounded by a student body that has made as strong a commitment to their future, recognizes the challenges that they face, and respects the choices of each other so clearly. They also embrace that idea that learning, growing, teamwork, leadership development, and preparation for their future all require an active, curious, and engaging attitude.

The first line of the mission statement of another school close to my heart is, “We exist for students.” I believe in this statement, as I believe all GLP teachers do. Our purpose is dependent on our ability to reach our students. At the GLP, this is easy due to the passionate learners GLP student are. With a positive attitude, they thrive hoping to enjoy the fruits of their high school experience while fulfilling the great potential of the Bugil Academy Global Leader Program.

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