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"The Global Leader Program at Bugil Academy offers highly motivated Korean students an academic program that is unique in South Korea. English-only classes and a curriculum modeled after the finest U.S. prep schools provide students with unparalleled preparation for top U.S. colleges and universities."

AP courses form the foundation of most departments' offerings, and even more advanced courses within each discipline allow students to deepen their academic strengths.

Most GLP students choose to take six major courses per year in addition to the Korean educational requirements and their Directed Research Project. Although not required, many students challenge themselves by taking an additional course in a selected department each year to further explore their interests. By graduation, students will have a strong sense of what their strengths are as students and what field(s) they wish to study at college.

By choosing to attend the GLP, students make a firm commitment to western education. This commitment drives the faculty to provide for each student an academic experience worthy of his or her decision. Engaging faculty, a challenging curriculum, and dedicated students combine to create a learning environment that is unsurpassed in Korean education.

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