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The Directed Research Project encourages GLP students to explore themselves and their interests while developing valuable skills for success in college. Students work with their advisers/teachers to define a topic of inquiry and construct a research plan that allows them to gain in-depth knowledge and real-world experiences. Topics can be from any academic field of interest. The research approach is customized to develop the student's personal strengths while overcoming his or her weaknesses. This long-term research project increases critical analysis, innovative problem-solving, independent time management, interpersonal communication skills, research paper-writing skills, self-confidence, and a more practical awareness of academic disciplines leading to future careers.

Hyo Jae Shin – "Korea's Civil Society, Media, and Their Effect on Politics"

"I am currently working on the relationship between Korean civil society, politics, and media. Although Korea is a developed democratic country, the nation still imposes censorship, such as through the control of material printed or uploaded on to the Internet that discusses North Korea. However, Korean citizens are stretching these limits through blogs and social networks. I wondered if and to what extent citizens in other countries are doing the same. I want to create models describing media behavior in different countries and then apply them to Korea. Through the process of analyzing the differences, I hope to gain some information on how to enhance the relationship between civil society, the media, and the political sphere to maximize freedom of speech."

Jihwan Hwang – "Ideal Treatment Model for Children with ADHD"

"The goal of my research is to devise an ideal treatment model for children diagnosed with Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). After learning about ADHD in AP Psychology class last year, I developed an interest in ADHD and began reading related articles and papers on my own. After finding out that about 9% of American schoolchildren suffer from ADHD, I decided to dedicate my DRP to answering this question: "Is there a 'best' way to treat this disorder?" So far, I have examined the three major modes of treatment: pharmacological, psychotherapeutic, and dietary. Next, I plan to evaluate the pros and cons of each method in order to design a treatment model that minimizes financial costs and maximizes clinical effectiveness. With determination, help from my adviser, and great resources provided by the school, I am confident that I will accomplish something valuable in the end."

Jun Hur – "Urban Mining"

"My DRP topic is urban mining. Urban mining is not a familiar term to most people since this practice is relatively new. The purpose of urban mining is to reuse valuable metals in electronic devices, which saves money for corporations and makes us better stewards of our natural resources. Although the purpose of urban mining is to prevent environmental metal exhaustion, the actual process of extracting metals from electronic gadgets is hazardous and inefficient. For example, during the most common method of mining out metals, human skin is exposed to a considerable amount of mercury, which could potentially lead to poisoning. Also, much energy is required for melting the different metals to separate and then solidify them since their boiling points are all different. Through my DRP, I will look for a different approach to urban mining that is both effective and environmentally beneficial."

Dayeon Hwang – "Juvenile Legal Consciousness"

"My research project focuses on 'legal consciousness' among juveniles – namely, the collection of views, ideas and attitudes that juveniles hold toward the law, legality, and justice, as well as their concept of what is lawful and unlawful. It is both a form of social consciousness and an interdisciplinary concept that combines psychology, sociology, and legal study. Since juvenile delinquency and school violence have emerged as serious problems, I am comparing and contrasting legal consciousness among juveniles living in different countries by comparing the results of a survey of Korean, Singaporean, Mexican, and American high school students. I hope to find specific factors that impact legal consciousness and draw conclusions to encourage juveniles to follow the law and curb juvenile delinquency."

Seung Hun Jang – "Education-Oriented Social Enterprises"

"My study examines the attitudes toward education-oriented social enterprises among people of low socioeconomic status (SES) in Korea. Korea's public education system is widely recognized to be limited, and, as a result, recent decades have witnessed a dramatic increase in the number of private firms offering after-school programs. Given that Korean society places great emphasis on education, the education gap, particularly for low-SES individuals, has been a topic of serious concern and highlights an urgent need for alternative after-school programs. Some social enterprises in Korea have offered education-related programs at affordable prices. Although many studies have examined the impact of social enterprises, few have considered those focusing on education-related programs. The results of my research are expected to have important implications for policymakers interested in promoting social enterprises to close the widening education gap in Korean society."

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