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Individualized Counseling to Challenge Future

College Counseling

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Study Plan

Universities look for students who demonstrate excellence and have well-rounded experiences both academically and socially. Therefore, students encouraged to develop not only their academics, but also their social skills. The two-year study plan is devised so that students can incorporate leadership, academic, athletic, artistic, social and research elements into their overall development.

To help ensure that students have depth in what they do, a well-planned and executed study plan will help students develop a strong work ethic and good time management skills that prepare them to ecome responsible, mature, and successful college students.

Major Goals

- To increase the awareness and understanding of the college admissions process
- To promote educationally appropriate admission practices
- To be flexible and able to meet individual needs by providing individual attention
- To guide and advise students into the appropriate college that suits individual desires
- To instill and build integrity and self-determination in order to prepare students to succeed in college

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