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Individualized Counseling to Challenge Future

College Counseling

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The College Tour

Every summer, first-year students will have a chance to embark on a two-week tour of the top colleges and universities in the United States. The main objective of the College Tour is to expose students to a variety of different colleges. Students will have an opportunity to experience the actual college campus, talk to administrative staff, and get the inside scoop on college life from current university students, giving them a chance to challenge their ideas about what type of college is best for them. All students are encouraged to attend so that they can experience college first hand, helping them to make the best decision on this critical step in their career.

The College Tour will help students to :
  - Figure out their own preferences for choosing the university that is best-suited to their needs and interests
  - Find out what steps are needed for admission
  - Prepare for college life by visiting the campus and talking to professionals and current students
  - Become aware of academic and social expectations for college students

By having the information they need right at their fingertips, students can feel confident that they are making a college choice that is well-tailored to their individual, social, and educational goals.

To get the most out of the College Tour, students need to prepare thoroughly before embarking on the trip. As mentioned above, the objective of the tour is for students to get a clear sense of the variety of schools that are available to them and to make the best decision in choosing their top schools during the college application period. Another objective is to promote the school and demonstrate the level of excellence of our students to the college admissions officers and staff.

In order to convey the school's goals and the high quality of Bugil Academy GLP, students are expected to be very well prepared when meeting with the admissions staff through workshops and seminars. Preparation shows responsibility, eagerness, and passion for the school.

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