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In order to graduate, students must perform and record 90 hours of documented community service during their three years in the GLP. All community service projects must be pre-approved by the GLP administration. Students must submit formal documentation (e.g., a certificate of participation from the designated institute or a Report of Participation) in order to officially accumulate hours for volunteer service. These documents will be recorded and kept in students' permanent files. Student volunteering will be monitored on a semester basis by the Coordinator for Student Life and the College Counselor. At the end of each semester, students should discuss their progress in community service with the College Counselor.

Before beginning a community service project, students should first discuss the project with their mentors, then complete a Request for Participation. The Request for Participation will include a description of the project, the location, and contact information for the adult supervisor of the project. The student must then submit the request to the Coordinator for Student Life, who will accept, reject, or recommend modifications to the proposal. When the project is completed, students must complete a Report of Participation with all necessary signatures confirming that the student successfully completed the project according to the proposal. A formal certificate of completion can also be accepted from the designated institution in lieu of the Report.

Community service projects may be completed outside of the school or as part of an extracurricular club activity. If completed as part of an extracurricular club activity, the club's sponsor must serve as the project supervisor. Students may use community services hours from the same project to meet both Korean educational requirements and GLP requirements.

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