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Dorm Parents

The Dorm Parent lives within the dormitory buildings and is the primary adult responsible for the students living in their dormitories. Complementary mentors may be assigned for duty in dorms on certain nights and weekends, but do not actually live in the buildings. The Dorm Parent is the primary liaison with parents and works with mentors to help and support the students in the dorms. The Dorm Parent is also charged with maintaining safe conditions, order, a good study environment, observance of school rules, counseling of students in their daily lives, and writing daily residence hall reports to the Coordinator for Student Affairs. The dorm parents grant day excuses and room visiting permissions, and they approve, with the Coordinator, all overnight excuses.

Resident Prefects

The Prefect Program provides a link between students and faculty within the residences, strives to welcome new members of the student body, and works to ensure the well-being of student members in the residential community. Prefects are chosen by their classmates at the beginning of each year. One Prefect lives on each residence floor, and as leaders set standards for fairness and objectivity while recognizing the need to intervene and seek guidance in times of crisis. Their goal is to make life at school welcome, comfortable, safe, and enjoyable by setting positive examples for all who live and work in the house. Prefects work closely with the adult dorm parents to help ensure quiet time and lights out policies, discourage rule breaking, confront students who have difficulty following the rules, supervise the housekeeping program in the dorms, and discuss issues specific to the dorm with the Coordinator for Student Affairs. They are also available to assist students in navigating life in the GLP whether academically, athletically, or socially. Specific duties include holding weekly meetings with peers to discuss current issues and concerns; suggesting ideas to the faculty for improving the residence hall experience; executing campaigns to foster more productive and cooperative behavior and relationships between residents.

Room Environment

Students can furnish dorm rooms to reflect their own personal style. Some items, such as a bed, desk, wardrobe, and chair, are already provided by the school. A reasonable level of cleanliness is expected, and the Dorm Parent carries out daily house and room inspections. Dorm rooms are fully wired for high-speed connections to the Internet and the School's intranet and email systems. Students are expected to conserve energy at all times by turning off lights and computers when not in use.

Community Rules

Students are expected to respect all rules as detailed in the Student Handbook and to abide by all policies explained in the GLP Discipline Policy. The common areas and kitchens provide relaxed settings for informal gatherings. The residence hall, Summit Hall, the library, and all other common areas should be treated like a home, and common courtesies such as keeping the common areas clean, keeping to appropriate noise levels, respecting neighbors, and introducing guests will contribute to the building of community in the residence halls.

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