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The GLP Student Government maintains close communications with other student representatives, the faculty, and the administration to uphold existing policies and make recommendations for improvements. The Student Government also provides the student body with a forum to address and discuss their concerns independently from administrative supervision. GLP student leaders emphasize communication and decision-making skills that are necessary for advising peers, relaying information efficiently between the GLP student body and faculty, and developing policies for the improvement of student life.

The Student Government consists of an 8-member executive council (one President, one Vice President, one Grade-Year Representative for each of the three academic years, and one Vice Grade-Year Representative for each of the three academic years). Four additional members of the student body serve as committee chairs for residence life, academic development, social activities, and student guidance. Each chair is assisted by a vice chair. All members are elected by the student body.

A faculty advisor also helps the Student Government by observing their operational procedures and offering advice for improving overall efficiency and effectiveness of the government. However, the executive committee members are solely responsible for creating a constitution with operational policies and goals that best fit the needs and interests of themselves and the student body.

The Student Government has the opportunity to develop, implement, and monitor their own additions to the GLP rules and regulations. Any new rules (or future changes to those new rules) must always be confirmed by the Director of the GLP before implementation. After confirmation, the executives of the government may monitor the student body's adherence to student government-initiated rules in accordance with their established guidelines. Any infractions should be documented and reported to the Coordinator of Student Affairs.

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