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At the beginning of each year, all GLP students are given the opportunity to work closely with specific faculty members.
Faculty mentors receive a group of mentees with whom they will work individually throughout the academic year. The goal of the Mentor Program is to promote closer relations between faculty and students outside of the classroom in order to help foster students' intellectual, social, emotional, and physical maturation.

Mentor Duties

• Meet weekly with mentor group and implement the mentor curriculum.
• Meet with individual students when needed.
• Create a comfortable environment for informal, student-oriented discussions.
• Respond to student concerns and needs with care and sympathy, yet remain objective, professional,
  land practical when helping students find solutions or conclusions to inquiries or needs.
• Foster effective study habits by encouraging self-assessment of academic skills and time management,
  suggesting changes if needed.
• Encourage improvements in self-expression, interpersonal understanding, and social skills.
• Guide and assist students in developing and fulfilling their vacation study plans.

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